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Q. What size cork do I need?

To decide which size cork you require first measure the inside diameter of where the cork needs to fit.

As the corks are tapered you need to select a cork that has a smaller bottom diameter and a larger top diameter.

(We have a size chart on the side bar)


Q. There seems to be more than one cork that will fit which do I choose?

In this case it will depend on how far you wish the cork to fit in.
The nearer the size to the bottom dia, more of the cork will stick out of the top.
The nearer the size of the top dia, more will fit in - less will stick out.

Q. My opening is 75mm. Which do I choose 75mm top or 75mm bottom?

A. This is the awkward one, as we do not stock every variation.
Although there is a tolerance of +/-mm if you purchased the 75mm top dia it would likely fall in. The 75mm bottom dia may not fit in at all.
Our only suggestion here is to take the bottom diameter option and either trim with a knife or use sanding paper to reduce the bottom area until it fits.

Q. I'm from the old school and work with feet and inches!

The reason we use millimeters (NOT cm) is because it makes measuring easier. If we were to convert all into inches we would be dealing with a lot of 1/32"-9/64" type figures.

Please find a rule with mm on it. (10mm = 1cm)

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